For one of the successful headline projects for Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 2020, I invited local artists and creative studios to activate store windows along iconic Chelsea Streets, including King’s Road. Through a series of exhibitions and imaginative interventions, participating retailers such as Everyman Cinema and cake retailer Peggy Porschen displayed works by London based artists. Our sponsor Sloane Stanley donated an empty retail space along Kings Road for an installation by Fiona Grady, who created a site-responsive drawing on the windows, using geometric vinyl shapes. 

Fostering collaborations between retailers and artists was an extremely rewarding process. Many of these relationships have continued long past the end of the festival; some artists’ work remains on display into 2021. 

I also provided logistical support to Little Voices - an intervention created by London based artist Amy Jackson. Her work comprised sculpture performance, spoken word and visual art, staged in a disused telephone exchange in Chelsea. 30 artists were invited to use the space, using a variety of mediums to address how we can transform society in the face of the looming climate crisis and social inequalities that affect the global community.

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