20 - 23 February 2019, Dyson Gallery, RCA, Battersea - Jointly curated with Maria Cynkier and Lin Zhao.

Critical Matter presented installations by four RCA artists: Rosanna Dean, Victoria Mihatovic, Susie Olczak and Samuel Padfield. The sculptural works animated the Dyson Gallery by exploring ways we position ourselves in the world around us. In accordance with philosopher Henri Bergson’s notion that all materials are entangled in the web of life, the artists addressed the relationship between people's activity and the material world, using a selection of everyday materials, deeply ingrained with the mark of the urban landscape. 

Working within a tight timeframe, the exhibition gave me the opportunity to work collaboratively with young artists with four very different practices, to present a show, which was both cohesive and visually appealing. It achieved a balance between the gallery space and beyond, with the vast glass windows, looking out onto Battersea Bridge Road.